A allows you to have a session focusing on your specific needs, such as dealing with an injury or understanding specific asanas. If you’re new to yoga, One.on.One.’s are a great way to build a good foundation.

One.on.One.’s also doable as a One.on.Two. or a One.on.Three or One.on.Family.  For Birthdays / Bachelorette  and just as Surprises.


Give time. Gift or get a customized yoga practice.



I offer regular classes and workshops, corporate trips and retreats to enhance team spirit. I also travel to your office and meet with your team, providing you with a program tailored to your specific needs.


Give time. Gift or get a customized Corporate yoga practice.



Giving from the heart. I would love to take you onto this journey of receiving and letting go for a deeper state of relaxation and full inner contentment.


Give time. Gift  or get a customized Thai Yoga Massage practice.



Yoga and meditation may be the strongest offering that we can give to pregnant women. To radiate happiness, joy and health while significant physical, emotional and spiritual changes are occurring as well as bringing awareness to the environment a baby will enter into is crucial in promoting a sense of wellbeing, and is a focus of my practice.


Private classes only.

Give time. Gift or get a customized Prenatal yoga practice. 



Handpicked gorgeously located yoga retreats await you- for you to dwell into beautiful sceneries into a

very healing and dedicated space of creating peacefulness within. Let us cultivate a relaxed, joyful, fit and inspired state of mind and body.



Offering regular deeper work from the heart you can join specific workshops in Bern and Zurich or Online.

This work helps to take a deeper dive and glimpse into specific themes and challenges. This offering is designed for you to practice Yoga specifically and individually.  Having more time to dive into unifying body, mind and soul, to cultivate the openness towards your essence and to wave in different aspects of various holistic approaches. 

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