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After your booking you will receive the voucher by email. There you find all infos about the Home Yoga Retreat and how to proceed.



This home retreat is a safe place to gather and connect you to your inner, intuitive voice to build spiritual depth, keep your mind healthy & strengthen your trust in your ability to navigate these wildly unknown times. A support for selfcare. space for practice, growth and inspires for tools that encourage you to be the most authentic version of yourself, to love and connect with yourself.


We will be exploring the body, mind and soul-  discovering the interconnectedness of everything.


The classes are offered by YOGA NINA  and unique and experienced guest specialists Jeannette Ruh  sharing Numerology Insights and Jacob sharing perspectives from the astrological approach.  We look into different ways of understanding and supporting our life and translating wisdom into embodied practices. 

Have faith in the unknown. Rise above these circumstances. Restore faith. Reestablish relation with the source. 

Before we transition in a new year we are being reminded that it is allowed to dream, to rest, to deep dive as we are being part of this new world that arises.


Through loving practices of yoga, meditation and pranayama, restorative, yoga nidra and numerology and astrology insights we observe your nervous system in a state of deep and profound rest. 

We combine live offerings of yoga, meditation and pranayama, recorded classes and resources. 

Align your nervous system. Everything your experiencing is here to help you awaken. Take the nature as an idol: She is drawing back in winter to get back the next year in full energy and bloom.

Take time to honour your health and healing, to see what is good for you and your purpose. Let your dreamscapes remind you of who you are, what’s important to you and what you may need to come back to yourself.

Yoga and meditation practices are meant exactly for this time. If you haven't had a practice that centers you, it's never too late to start. Your most valuable asset through life and the times of change is your mental health and deserves your full dedication.


Experience the depth of being that can only come from a calm presence. 


Thank you for joining this online cocoon, where space is provided to bring your inner universe alive. 


You all are welcome - join just as your are.



You can access the practices at all time. You can start and pause whenever is good for you. The set up is just a suggestion. Your space. You will get a parcel with all the essentials you need.


Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions! 



Nina & Team



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