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5 – 9 JANUARY 2022






I created this Home Yoga Retreat as a virtual cocoon for you to unravel what you have been cultivating inside and what has been growing underneath the visible. Take time to honour your health and healing, to see what is good for you and your purpose. Let your dreamscapes remind you of who you are, what’s important to you and what you may need to come back to yourself. 

We will journey through the body, through the 'layers' (Koshas), through our energy centers (Chakras) supported by all the elements we will be nourishing, balancing and reenergising our body, the hormonal system, the nervous system and ultimately our sweet soul.

Lets understand that we are 99.99..% space and only 0.0000000000001% matter. 

As humans we tend to focus so much on the matter, rather than the space.


Dr. Joe Dispenza shared that the average human being has between 50’000- 70'000 thoughts a day and about 80-90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts we had yesterday. Also about 80% of those thoughts are negative! This virtual cocoon is a safe place to gather and connect you to your inner, intuitive power to build spiritual depth, keep your mind healthy & strengthen your trust in your ability to navigate through this new year of 2022.

This virtual cocoon is weaving together practices of yoga, meditation and pranayama, restorative, yoga nidra and other supportive insights.



Reflect...upon this years challenges, chances: What new thoughts do you want to cultivate? We will open up the cocoon and set up the space. You have time to journal about your intentions, emotions, your overall energy and simply about what is present. We will look at the Annamaya Kosha and work to the progressively subtler bodies as we move through the days.   

DAY 2: ROOT the earth is recalibrating, a new world is being created- by YOU.

What new behaviours and actions do you want to cultivate in 2022? We move through the Root Chakra and the Pranamaya Kosha with the element of earth.
There will be an evening live Yoga practice.

DAY 3: RESTORE Listen within to understand what is nourishing you. When the world speeds up, you slow down and listen within. What new emotions would you choose to feel? With the support of the element of water we move through the Manomaya Kosha and the Sacral Chakra.

There will be an guided live Yoga Nidra in  the evening.


Reestablish...relation with the source as we all transform and move more and more from the material into the etheral. Change or be changed. The transformative energy of fire helps us look at the Vijnanamaya Kosha and activate the Solar Plexus.


What do YOU believe in? Manifest- dream it then REAL-LIFE-IT! Lets fully connect with the heart and our core Anandamaya Kosha with the element of air. Let us create more vastness to be able to love unconditionally, to have compassion and forgive and accept others and ourselves. 

One of the challenges in the process of becoming ist to get rid of limiting, old beliefs, habits or thoughts. And for that we sometimes need to step back, to let go, to cultivate the perspective of an observer. Each time you choose what is  in alignment with your life in this very moment you are priming your brain to think, your actions and feelings in the direction of what matters to you. You are upgrading yourself and aligning with who you are. And we need that in this new world that is being birthed. Everything your experiencing is here to help you awaken. Take the nature as an idol: Drawing back in winter to get back the next year in full energy and bloom.

Experience your depth of being that can only come from a calm presence. A support for selfcare in unknown times- have faith in the unknown.

You are all welcome - we begin on January 5th.


You can access the practices at all time. You can start and pause whenever is good for you. The set up is just a suggestion. Your space. You will get a parcel with all the essentials you need. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions! 


CHF 90

Accessible at all the time, for 6 month.

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